Have you reconnected with your state Senator?

If not, do it NOW!

This week counts. Success only happens if you continue to use your voice.

Watch as Assemblymember Gonzalez promises to get “issues specifically raised by interpreters” resolved in the Senate.

Here is what you say: Amend AB 1850 to include “professional translators and interpreters.”


CALL and EMAIL YOUR Senator NOW. Ask for a Zoom meeting, a phone call, FaceTime, whatever it takes:





The last 2 digits are your Senate District number, from 01 to 40. 

Roster of all 40 Senators


To FIND your Senator, use THIS:


Download and print handouts to share with your Senator here.

Please CC or BCC the Coalition on your message with your Senator. We’re at CoalitionPTIC@gmail.com Or let us know if you need assistance. Protect our professional livelihoods AND the people we serve. Make YOUR voice heard.

Sept 2019

What steps must I take?

Communicate with and visit your lawmakers by following the steps below.


Look up YOUR state lawmakers and their local DISTRICT office here: findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov  

Your Assemblymember AND Senator need to hear from you.  They and their staff can do their job best when they understand what affects you most.  If you need further information or assistance, just email CoPTIC at CoalitionPTIC@gmail.com.


Tell your story about who you are and how your profession serves the community. 

Explain why you are harmed without an explicit exemption from the scope of new law; how it threatens upheaval of your livelihood and those you serve; and why its implementation and enforcement are creating a vicious cycle of anxiety that degrades your operations and language service occupations in California.  

Ask your lawmakers what they will do to address this need immediately.


Call and arrange a meeting with your lawmakers. Fridays are often the best days because they are typically in their local district offices. Report back to CoPTIC on the results of your meeting by e-mailing CoalitionPTIC@gmail.com.