Handouts regarding AB5 and AB2257

CoPTIC provided these articles and handouts for you to download, print and share with your lawmakers and colleagues regarding AB 5 and its amended version AB 2257.
For current handouts regarding the PRO Act, please go here.

AB 2257 Practical Protection for Linguists - 8/27/2020

Amendment to clean-up bill for AB 5 needed to protect professional translators and interpreters - By Jennifer Santiagos 8/2020

Richard L. Ray Letter to Senator 7/2020

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Senator Should Fix AB1850 7/2020

Santa Barbara Independent - Interpreters are Independent Contractors 7/15/2020

ATA Letter to Assemblywoman Gonzalez 06/01/2020

Protecting Language Access in California- Dr. Bill Rivers White Paper 06/01/2020

Consider Professional Interpreters In AB 1850 - 5/31/2020

SB900 Brief

AB 5: A Problem in Translation - Monterey Herald 02/08/2020

AB 5 and Its Effects on Free-Lance Translators and Interpreters - Statement from TAALS 01/26/2020

Translators and interpreters are unintended casualties of new California 'gig' regulations 01/14/2020

AB 5 Threatens Access to Language Services by Californians with Limited English Proficiency - Marybel Carino 01/10/2020

The Tragic Toll on Interpreters and Translators from California’s AB 5 01/2020

Handout for Lawmakers 11/01/2019

ATA Statement on California SB 875 (Exemption to AB 5 for translators and interpreters)

CoPTIC Fact Sheet

AB 5 Misclassifies Language Professionals