If not, do it now!

The federal PRO Act (HR 842) contains a provision that could obliterate the capacity of professional translators & interpreters to operate as independent contractors. That in turn would destroy language access for tens of millions of Americans.

The bill has already passed the U.S. House. So fixing this bill and preventing irreparable harm is up to U.S. Senators. It’s also up to US! That only happens if you use your voice, with the Senators who work for YOU.

CALL and EMAIL YOUR 2 U.S. Senators NOW.

Here is what you tell them:

As written, Section 101 B, part b, of the PRO Act takes away the capacity of interpreters & translators to do our work & serve our communities. It repeats a costly error in California that translators & interpreters succeeded in fixing with a law in 2020.

Interpreters and translators are highly trained professionals. We number in the tens of thousands. More than 75 percent of us work as freelancers, in fact & by choice.

Language access is a civil right. Protecting it depends on us. It also depends on lawmakers who respect our essential role. We are part of the growing $50 billion language service industry that thrives because of our independence.

Amend Section 101 B, part b, of HR 842 so it does not destroy the livelihoods of professional translators & interpreters.

This message is what U.S. Senators & their staff need to hear, repeatedly.

Main Office at the U.S. Capitol (202-224-3121)

OR find the phone numbers for your 2 Senators and the District Office of each Senator in your state in the city closest to you. Ask for a staff person. Then request a Zoom meeting, a phone call, FaceTime, or whatever it takes to tell your story directly.

Click Here to find the Email Addresses for U.S. Senators AND Their Staff Members

Click on the name of your Senator, you will be redirected to their personal page, which includes their contact information including email addresses. In many cases, the email address is FirstName_LastName@SenatorLastName.Senate.gov Note that the name of the Senator starts the suffix (2nd half) of the e-mail address. In case this doesn't work, you can find the email address as mentioned earlier.

Click Here for the Phone Numbers of Your Senators

It may help to choose to SORT the Senators by STATE (select “State” as it appears next to “Senator’s Name”) Each direct Senate phone number is 202-22X-XXXX. The lookup gives you those last 5 digits.

Click Here for the Roster of All 100 U.S. Senators

Again, you can choose to sort the Senators by STATE, in alphabetical order; just click on “State” to sort the list in that way.

You Have TWO U.S. Senators

Be sure you take the time to communicate with BOTH of them and their staff.

Please CC or BCC the Coalition on your message with each Senator. We’re at info@coalitionptic.org 
Let us know at CoPTIC America if you need assistance. 
Protect your professional livelihood AND the people you serve. Make YOUR voice heard so OUR profession thrives. 

Want to do more?

Share the 3-part message below with your colleagues. They can use their voices, too. It’s as easy as A-B-C.

Step A

Your Senators need to hear from you. They and their staff can do their job best when they understand what affects you most.

Look up the 2 U.S. Senators who work for you. Each Senator has local District Offices in your state, perhaps in or near your city. Find that office for BOTH Senators. Contact each of those 2 offices.

Use this guide to find your 2 Senators. You can choose to sort the Senators by STATE, in alphabetical order; just click on “State” to sort the list that way. Each direct Senate phone number is 202-22X-XXXX. The lookup gives you those last 5 digits.

If you need assistance or further information, just email CoPTIC America at info@coalitionptic.org

Step B

Call and arrange a meeting with your U.S. Senators’ staff.

Prepare for that meeting so that you are in command of the 3 steps in part C.

Step C

Tell your story about who you are and how your profession serves the community.

Explain why you are harmed if the federal PRO Act goes forward as written, how it threatens upheaval of your livelihood and harm to those you serve; and why it repeats an error that was fixed by the informed advocacy of translators & interpreters in California in 2020.

Ask the staff person for your Senator what they will do to fix the PRO Act so that it does not destroy the livelihoods of the more than 75 percent of professional linguists who are truly independent contractors.

Then be sure to report back to CoPTIC America on the results of your meeting by e-mailing info@coalitionptic.org