If not, do it now!

The federal PRO Act (HR 842) contains a provision that could obliterate the capacity of professional translators & interpreters to operate as independent contractors. That in turn would destroy language access for tens of millions of Americans.

The bill has already passed the U.S. House. So fixing this bill and preventing irreparable harm is up to U.S. Senators. It’s also up to US! That only happens if you use your voice, with the Senators who work for YOU.

CALL and EMAIL YOUR 2 U.S. Senators NOW.

CALL the Senator at the state office first. This info is online for every Senator here. In the call, goal is to: Get the name of the Legislative Director AND the key staffer you speak with. Then talk through the issue — CoPTIC America has prepared a FAQ sheet to help you with this here. Then confirm their 2 email addresses (staffer & Legislative Director).

Step B: Follow Up

Commit to following up via email AND ask if the staffer will confirm receiving your email.

Step C: Write a Letter

Finally, after all that happens, write a letter & send it in the US MAIL to the staffer in the state office so they receive it in hard copy. This little gesture gets results. CoPTIC America has prepared a letter you can use here.

Here are some sample talking points:

As written, Section 101 B, part b, of the PRO Act takes away the capacity of interpreters & translators to do our work & serve our communities. It repeats a costly error in California that translators & interpreters succeeded in fixing with a law in 2020.

Interpreters and translators are highly trained professionals. We number in the tens of thousands. More than 75 percent of us work as freelancers, in fact & by choice.

Language access is a civil right. Protecting it depends on us. It also depends on lawmakers who respect our essential role. We are part of the growing $50 billion language service industry that thrives because of our independence.

Amend Section 101 B, part b, of HR 842 so it does not destroy the livelihoods of professional translators & interpreters.

This message is what U.S. Senators & their staff need to hear, repeatedly.

Protect your professional livelihood AND the people you serve. Make YOUR voice heard so OUR profession thrives.