SB 900: Providing a Path to Protect Linguists and Californians’ Access to Language Services

Bill Preserves Highly Skilled, $2 Billion Sector in State.

Prevents Cutoff of Professionals, Led by Women- and Immigrant-Run Small Businesses.

SB 900 provides a set of conditions, including credentials, whereby practicing interpreters and translators can continue to operate and serve Californians.

SB 900 protects access to essential language service by Californians, including people with disabilities or with limited English proficiency, crucial to every aspect of daily life in our diverse state.

SB 900 prevents cutoff of highly trained professionals, led by women- and immigrant-run small businesses, who are backbones of a growing $2 billion sector of the California economy.

The Coalition of Practicing Translators and Interpreters of California (CoPTIC) expresses tentative support for this legislation. We continue to work with lawmakers to secure amendments and solutions that respect the indispensable contributions of language professionals to the people and communities we serve and to California’s economy.

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